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Montreux Lake Geneva
20 Apr

It’s a GORGEOUS day in Montreux – Spring it On!

Montreux Lake Geneva

Spring it on! Gorgeous view from the apartment on this lovely spring day!

It is simply divine!

There are no words to describe the beautiful day that we are having in Montreux today.

A glorious pre-summer spring day.

I’ve just arrived from London and enjoyed a brief flight…

Everyone is happy and the mood is jovial!

The greatest thing about visiting Montreux is the opportunity that you have to think! It is truly wonderful.

If you do decide to visit us at the Montreux Lake Apartment, you will see Montreux as you have never seen it before.

What makes us different from the other hotels or apartments in the area?

We will let YOU the guest do the talking. Here is an excerpt of a review from Randy who stayed with us:

The location of this apartment is spectacular. It is about 20 feet from the shores of the lake, without anything but a sidewalk between you and the water. If you open the windows at night (no screens though) you can hear the waves lapping at the shore. The apartment is huge, and it was more than enough room for our family of four

No other apartment is located 20 feet from the shores of the lake!

The space is REALLY big too – you get 1200 square foot and lots and lots of facilities…

For more details see: Montreux Apartment.

Enough of that…

Today is a divine day… it is simply gorgeous a day that makes it all worth it!

Hard work long hours… little sleep…. but then Gorgeous Montreux!

Later tonight we will be preparing a great dinner in the apartment and enjoy a fantastic spring evening!

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